Welcome to the Family

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Welcome to the Family


Family is a creative agency with expertise in branding, digital and motion design. We also create meaningful strategies to always develop roots before branches.



As an agency, we’re deeply rooted in the values of the simple, yet amazingly complex concept of a family – the devotion, the purposefulness and well… love.

We’re exceptionally strong in our areas of expertise. We really work like a Swiss watch. We will never claim to know everything about everything. Even our children know that’s not something anyone can say. We’re not a full service agency specialising in everything from posters to political PR.

We chose our path of branding, digital and motion design & dug deep because that’s really the only way to achieve true excellence. Our clients seem to agree.

Since 2012 we’ve been helping great companies launch and create real value through shaping unique brand and user experiences. We’ve been an external long-term partner for our clients. 


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